Foreign applicants need Russian patent attorneys to submit a national phase application in Russia. The examination procedure at Russian Patent Office is the same for original application and for the national phase of PCT application. It consists of formal examination and ‘substantive examination.

The patenting procedure in Russia is straightforward and applicant-friendly.

The turnaround of patent application examination is pretty quick and fees for examination are modest. Formal examination ensures that all necessary documents are present and lasts about 2 to 3 months. During that time the applicant should make a request for ‘substantive examination, which will last about one year. So, typically, you will get a patent within year and a half from the entering date.

It is important to know the deadline and basic information required for entering into the Russian national phase for PCT application.

Russia is a 31-month country, the same as, for example, the European Patent Office. Therefore, Russian national application shall be filed by the end of 31 months period from the earliest priority date that is claimed in the PCT patent application.

All foreign applicants must engage a local patent attorney for the national phase of their PCT applications. We would be happy to assist you and in urgent cases we can enter into national phase in Russia on the same day as we receive our client’s instructions.